When you are planning to go on a hunting weekend – what is your first thought?

Well, we are all different types of persons but probably for every hunter the most important part is the trophy which he will bring back home. So, imagine you are on kri kri ibex hunt with krikrihunt.com and you want to hunt not only kri kri goats.

In this article we will reveal you some secrets that may help you to hunt either kri kri ibex and mouflons for instance.
Can you combine kri kri ibex hunt with hunting mouflon?
Krikrihunt.com organizes every year during the hunting season, four days a week, kri kri ibex hunt. If you are attracted by such idea – you may sign up for this adventure throughout website above. But you should do this before November when hunting season at Sapientza island starts. More information about documents you have to submit to organizers of kri kri ibex hunt you will find online at the website too. Now it is time to tell you how you can combine kri kri ibex hunt with hunting mouflons. Of course it is a matter of financial possibilities. To go on a kri kri ibex hunt is an expensive pleasure, but the price is reasonable. Your payment package includes transportation from Athens (which is 300 km away from the hunt field at Sapientza island) to the hotel in Methoni and back after the hunting end. Translation and legalization of all documents necessary for having the hunting permit and hunting license issued for shooting Kri Kri Ibex. Primary leather processing and elaboration of the export documents. Hunting license. Hunting armament.
Can you combine kri kri ibex hunt with hunting mouflon?
And if you want to hunt a mouflon too the price is USD 2500. For more information visit krikrihunt.com right now and be aware of that free places for kri kri ibex hunt are limited.