Have you ever been in the smallest country of the Balkans? If so, you have probably already a wish to come back and you haven’t – you can do it now. Where to search for private tours in Montenegro? At Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com you can find a lot of tempting ideas about visiting the beautiful country, situated on the Adriatic sea. Because of the mountainous terrain of the country, even on the coast, the travel is happening slowly. That’s why, if you want to see more of Montenegro, it’s good to have at least 7 days free. From Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com you can book a lot of interesting tours in the Balkans and if you have longer vacation check this Sofia walking tour, you can have a great adventure, visiting 6 countries and 5 seas in just 14 days.

If you have less time and you want to focus on one and if you desire to make one of the private tours in Montenegro, organised by Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com, you shouldn’t miss the beautiful Kotor, where the Venetian architecture is well preserved and fortress walls of the old town are bringing you back in time like a time travel machine. If you like the old and historical places, you can go to Plovdiv and the monastery of Rila, which looks like a flying castle from the mountains. The monastery is an important religious centre, where lots of pilgrims come every day to show their respect.

Another part of the trip that you should experience is to go to the nature, so beautiful in Bulgaria. The Dunav river, for example, is the biggest river in the Balkans and is a habitat for over 250 bird species. The place is under the protection of UNECSO and stays between Bulgaria and Romania. If you want to learn more about what else is good to see and what is the most interesting in Bulgarians, go to audio-guide.bg, to choose the best from the private tours in Bulgaria for you and the people you love.